DIY Party: How to organize a simple and easy baby shower

When my best friend told me she was pregnant I busted into tears, celebrated, then immediately started planning for the baby shower!

Is it just me, or does it seem like over the past few years baby showers (gender reveal parties, birthday parties, etc) have gotten SUPER outrageous?  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  And, don’t even make me smell a diaper with a melted candy bar inside of it, or guess how large the mom’s belly is – (seriously who thinks this is a fun game?!)  So, our other BF and I decided to try and put together something simple, creative, fun and of course with a few DIY projects!

No theme: We didn’t pick a “theme” per say. We just used colors from the baby room (blue & orange), so the mom could have the option to reuse some of the items around the room if she wanted too.


Food: I LOVE SHOWER FOOD, don’t you?!  How about letting the guest of honor pick, without telling her?? 😉 I went to my BF’s Pinterest page and picked out a few yummy looking recipes for the shower. (veggie/ranch pizza, greek layer dip, jalepeno popper ranch dip – to name a few) I made a sign that said, “Food courtesy of (mom’s) pinterest page.”  The food was a little random, but the mom kept saying “I’ve been wanting to try that!”  – so hey, mission accomplished, right? Oh, and see that tablecloth? It’s actually a curtain panel I scored at the thrift store for $1!!


Decorations: I spray painted the inside of mason jars blue and and found a batch of simple fake orange flowers. I put the arrangements all around the house. Here’s a tip: add a few *real* leaves from outside to the fake flower arrangement – everyone thought they were real! Seriously! I figured she could put them around the baby room for decoration. (or not – they seriously cost me $1 to make)


Guest book: Instead of a sign in book, we had guests sign a photo matte for the baby room. Beside the frame, I use a candle stick stand from the dollar store and spray painted it blue. I stuck a wine cork in the top with a paper clip and used this for an easy and fun picture holder. (Cost: candle stick $1, wine cork = free, spray paint = already had)


Party Favors: I have been collecting baby food jars for weeks and I *really* wanted to put something inside of it for a gift. But who wants chalky mints? not me!! I decided to do a “mini manicure” kit inside each jar. I wrote a poem and put it in a frame near the jars – My poem: “Forget spotless clothing, forget perfect hair. Once baby (last name) gets here (mom name) won’t even care. But to always insure she has great fingers and toes we’ve provided mini manicure kits on the go! Mini Manicure Kits for Mom & Friends.”

Random Frames: I went to IKEA and bought $1 frames for The signs for the party favors poem, food note, etc in. I used the same spray paint I used for the picture holder and sprayed the frames blue. I also used an orange colored washi tape to decorate the frames, baby food jars, and other random things around the shower area.

What shower is complete without gourmet cupcakes?! Don’t worry, we didn’t try to DIY these. This was our splurge – yum!


Turns out, the decorations, food and party favors didn’t *make* the shower amazing, all of our friends gathering together did. That’s what it’s really all about… so don’t stress too much about making everything perfect. Everyone is there to see the mom & her bump anyway!

Making the most out of life,


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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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