Is there a place in heaven for all the missing pacifiers?

Before I had kids I was the perfect parent.

“My kids will never act like that in the grocery store.”

“Seriously – you let your kid do that? in public?!”

“I can’t believe your child just ate Cheetos for dinner. My kids will have balanced meals at every meal.”

Well….. turns out there is no such thing as a perfect parent and I for sure am not in the running to win that title.  Here’s another one I said, “I didn’t use a pacifier, and my kids won’t use one either.”

My 4 year old never wanted a pacifier. See, I was already on the right track.  (ha) Then, Daisy came along. My almost 1 year old loves her pacifier. I never realized how great it was to have a kid who liked the pacifier. Crying in the middle of the night? a pacifier will solve that. Fussy before bedtime = paci. Out in public, need to keep her quiet? = paci. Hungry and forgot a snack = paci. I LOVE THE PACIFIER!


Turns out Daisy is very picky about her paci. She only likes the ones that they send home from the hospital (luckily you can buy them).


But somehow those little guys can bounce around and disappear in 4 seconds flat. Seriously, WHERE DO ALL OF THE MISSING PACIFIERS GO??! There is nothing like crawling around on the floor with your iphone as a flashlight desperately looking for the pacifier before the baby wakes all the way up. (we actually have a rule now that you can’t put the baby down for bed unless there is a reserve pacifier on the ledge by her door – just in case) Or, driving in the car and somehow the pacifier has vanished from the backseat.  Literally, vanished. (I pulled over and checked. it’s gone) Or, going on a trip and you *swear* you packed 2 pacifiers. Now they are all gone and you are in a city named (Nome) and all the stores close at 9pm except Betty’s Liquor, and… well, can’t get help there… for the baby anyway..

The other day I was HOLDING HER and the paci fell out of her mouth. It seriously took me 10 minutes to find it, actually my 4 year old found it in the other room, under a ledge. How do they bounce that far?!?

I AM NOT exaggerating when I say we have probably bought 20+ pacifiers in the last year. How many do I have right now? Maybe 3. Maybe. ((and before you tell me they sell those hook things so you can attach the pacifier to the baby, the kind of paci Daisy likes doesn’t have a loop to attach to the hook things, so that’s useless to me.))

Ah… So, just one of my many (pre) parenting rules out the window.  I would start a fan club for the paci if I could. And, turns out, cheetos for dinner isn’t that big of a deal (sometimes) and seriously – all you people without kids – we can’t help it when they act like that in the grocery store. It probably annoys us more than it annoys you. So, don’t judge. I know I don’t anymore.


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