Thrift store find – DIY cellphone & key organizer

I love thrifting (seriously, who doesn’t love a deal?)! The other day, my 4 year old and I scored a basketful of goodies – one item, a wooden box from Goodwill.

Check it out – and the price = $2!

((I always go on half price day. Yes, it means I’m going to stand in a line with a squirmy 4 year old – but you can’t beat half off everything!))


First, I took out the drawer, removed all parts and sanded it down.


After sanding, I put vaseline on the brass drawer pull so it wouldn’t get paint on it.


Then, I spray painted the entire thing white & laid it out in the sun to dry… (tick, tock, tick, tock)


After the paint is dry, I wiped off the vaseline.  Using vaseline is a great way to protect something from getting paint on it.  In my case, it worked – the knob was paint free (yay!)

I rummaged through my leftover fabric stash and found this awesome print I used in my baby’s room.  I used mod podge to line the drawer and added the fabric to the fronts of the “cell phone” holder part. I even cut out a few of the flowers to add as decoration to the box.


And, there you go! This was a fun way to makeover an ordinary thrift store find. I had my sister in mind from the moment I saw this, and I gave it to her for a birthday present.

Good news – she’s using it! I asked her to send me a picture:


Look! She’s got her phone, glasses, hair clips and jewelry in the drawer. (cute) There’s nothing better than giving someone something that they actually use! And, a $2 pricetag is pretty awesome too 😉

Making the most out of life –


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