10 things a mom does when no kids are around

One of my best friends was in Dallas for a work convention and it also happened to be her birthday. When she invited me to come up for the day to relax in her hotel room and spend time with her after work, I couldn’t resist!  The adjustment of working a full-time job and now staying home with my girls has been… well… interesting. HARD. VERY HARD.

Once in the hotel room, I had 4+ hours all to myself. What? Yes, seriously. FOUR HOURS. What was I to do???

Well, here goes – the list of things a mom does when they don’t have to wipe butts, pickup, feed, clean, well… you get the point.

1. turned on E! and watched some dumb reality show

2. watched the commercials

3. went for a nice, long run around Dallas and saw all the historical sites

4. took at least 3 pictures for strangers and then had someone take one of me 😉

5. took a really, hot, long shower. Didn’t have anyone opening the door letting cold air in and asking me when I would be done

6. painted my nails and let them dry

7. more reality TV, small nap

8. I read a magazine

9. started prep work for a craft project I’m working on

10. had a 30 min plus conversation with someone on the phone. (oh, and another small cat nap)

When my friend got off work we spent time catching up while putting on makeup and getting ready (another thing I haven’t been doing lately). We had a low-key night having dinner in the hotel restaurant and sitting out by the fire.

By the time I went to bed I have to admit, my arms were aching to hold my girls and give my hubby a great big hug. Being away for just one day is all I needed…

Making the most out of life,




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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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