Goodwill chairs given new life – with chalk paint!

I guess I’ve heard of chalk paint, but I’ve never used it. (not chalk board paint, chalk paint) When I started reading up on it and learned you don’t have to sand or prep the piece at all, I was SOLD!  (these days it’s been hard to get ANYTHING done! so this is perfect)

I scored this set of chairs from Goodwill last month for $6 each. Yep. SIX DOLLARS. They are solid wood, sturdy and have the cushion bottom you can pop out and recover with fabric.


I used the “Duck egg” blue from Annie Sloan and the clear wax for the top coat. I ordered just 4 oz online and at first I wasn’t sure if it would be enough. I only used about 1.5 oz for the entire chair!

photo 1

First, apply the chalk paint with a bristle brush. I only did one coat & let it dry. (40 minutes dry time)

Next, I applied the wax with the same brush, but then took an old t-shirt and rubbed it in a bit. I took a piece of sandpaper and gently rubbed off part of the paint to make it look distressed. (although you don’t have to do that, it would look fine either way)

photo 4

I have done a lot of sanding and painting in my day and I really can’t believe how easy this was. This entire project took me no time at all! I got it all done during my baby’s nap time! (score!) I had this fabric laying around from another project and used it for the chair cover.

There’s really a big difference when you see the chairs side by side – check it out!

photo 3

I am officially going to go out and buy more chalk paint and repaint everything I own. (kidding, but maybe a few things!)

I actually do like the darker colored wood from the original chair, so I may keep the other chair like it is and just recover the cushion part…. I’ll let you know!

Making the most out of life,



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