DIY BIG LETTERS (can be used for anything really!)

I love seeing those big letters spelling out names, etc around homes – but they can get pretty expensive! So, of course,  I looked around to see what I could do myself… without breaking the bank!

Cute, right?!


DIY Cardboard Letters:

items needed:


quilt batting



spray adhesive (get the kind you can reposition- see pic) 


This was very simple and fun! First, I used diaper boxes (very sturdy cardboard) and cut out the letters for the word “Merry.”


Next, I bought quilting batting and covering the letters with it. I used spray adhesive for this, but let me tell you – NEXT TIME I will use gloves. I had glue and pieces of white stuck all over my fingers. It took me a while to get that all cleaned off!


After I let that dry for about an hour, I again used spray adhesive and covered each letter with fabric. I challenged myself to use only fabric I found in the sale bin… and I was pretty happy with this fabric find! It was $2 for the yard, which was just enough for the project!


As you are putting on the fabric (or batting) you basically just treat it like you are wrapping a present. Hold it down and press and it should stay in place.


I am still decorating the area around this, but I decided to put it above my big built-ins in my living room.


I love this project because you can use it for any room. I’m thinking next I’ll do my daughter’s name and put it on her wall using the 3m velcro?

The fabric was $2, the batting was $2 (I used coupon for this) and i already had the spray adhesive… so basically this project was FOUR BUCKS! My hubby said he liked it too because it was in my handwriting.. (I never thought of that as a plus – guess it’s the little things)

Making the most out of life,


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