Leather love! DIY cuff and iPod cord keeper

OK, I’m currently obsessed with finding old belts and turning them into all kinds of things. I blame myself…I posted a blog a while back about how to make leather cuffs out of old belts. Here is the link to that DIY project: DIY leather cuffs


Since then I have visited dozens of thrift stores, etc looking for the perfect old worn leather belt for my next project! I’ve decided pretty much everyone I know (spoiler alert!) is getting one from Santa…

Check out my latest batch –



I am also looking for useful ways to use the leftover leather. I hate waste!  I made a few “cord keepers” for random cords I have laying around my house. (who doesn’t have tons of cords all stuffed into a drawer?!)

SO, I’m going to make like 20 of these and organize.



You can  make these cord keepers basically the same way you would make the leather cuff. (see directions above) Just turn one side of the snap inside the leather so it snaps together like that.

I also bought a leather burner pen and plan on labeling the cord keepers too..

Here’s an example from a bracelet I made… I added a little fish. (love)


On this keychain I added my name: (I made this keychain out of scrap leather too)



I hope this has inspired you to give old belts new life and even use the scraps!!

Oh, I am still racking my brain trying to figure out how to use the belt buckle part of the belt – I don’t want to throw them out –


Have any ideas? Let me know!

Making the most out of life,


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