DIY wooden Typography Wall Art ($3 thrift store makeover)

It seems like every store you go into has wooden signs with cute phrases or sayings. I love it.  I have been looking around for a larger sized wooden sign to hang in my kitchen. Most of the ones I find are $30 + and I can never find one that says exactly what I want. SO… on the thrift store hunt I go!

It didn’t take long to find this wooden football sign for $3. SCORE! Now it’s time to have fun with it.


OK, so I’m going to tell you guys what did & didn’t work for me when I tried this DIY Typography wall art sign.

#1 – paint the wood sign. I used light yellow chalk paint to paint over the original sign. (why? so I wouldn’t have to primer or sand it. So if you are using just wood or another type of paint you might need to primer and/or sand it) I let this paint dry overnight and added another coat.


#2 decide on a quote (I used a bible verse) and print it out on the computer.


Cut it out to fit on the sign and tape it into place.


Originally, I was going to take a ball point pen and outline each letter – so the outline from the pen would appear under the paper on the wooden sign and I could just paint each letter using the outline. Like this:


This is how a lot of other people on pinterest did it. Well, this was a PINTEREST FAIL for me. Because of the wood, the lines from the pencil markings were coming out uneven. It was nearly impossible. If I were to paint in the letters it would have looked horrible!

So, plan #2 is step #3- cut out each letter.


You could either use this for a homemade stencil or just use the paper cutout directly on the wood. That’s what I’m doing. I decided to change up the font for the last word just to mix it up…after the opinion from a friend I decided to make “Always” in a script writing. ((and, I am aware that you can buy letter stickers and it would save you a lot of trouble, but I’m trying to do this with what I already had))


I’m not going to lie – cutting out these letters took me ALL DAY LONG. Why? Well, I have a teething 15 month old who wants to be held all the time and won’t nap. My 4 year old gets out of school at 1pm and I just had no time! So, I managed to get this done in 10 minute increments all day long today. (go me!)

OK. So, the letters are cut out.

Step #4 glue the letters to the board.


I used “glue and seal” to glue each letter on the board. I love glue and seal vs modpodge because it has a built in brush. (but it does clump up faster than modpodge FYI). You could probably use spray adhesive as well.



Tip: I drew lines on the board with a pencil to (sort of) guide where the letters went. I told myself from the start that I wasn’t going to be too OCD about the letters being perfect or it would drive me crazy… I mean it’s homemade after all, right? it’s OK!!

So, once you get all the letters on the way you want, allow time for the glue to dry.

Now, Step #5 THE TOP COAT. After digging through my paint stash I found this gold glitter paint.


(Glitter = awesome!) You could also use modpodge or any type of clear-ish paint. Because of the chalk paint and glue and seal splotches on the wood, I decided to use glitter paint to sorta hide the imperfections. OK – ready for the big reveal????


There you go! I may look for a simple clip art or something to put in that open space on the bottom.  (9?)

Total cost for this wooden sign = THREE BUCKS!

Oh, did I mention school is back tomorrow for BOTH of my girls?!? 5 hours of time all to myself – what will I do?!?!?  I have a list of things to accomplish. I’ll probably end up watching The Bachelor, painting my nails and taking a nap. We shall see..

Making the most out of life,




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