Repurpose the back of wooden block letters!

Well, we have had freezing weather with ice and now beautiful sunny weather with a warm breeze! My family has been out enjoying every second! Here we are swinging…


We love the park and my community has like 20! Okay… For my latest DIY project I decided to find something I already have and repurpose it. (which is how most of my projects seem to go)

How many of you have those wooden letters that spell out something? Most I have seen are holiday related..

Check out mine:


I got these at Marshalls for $12 during the holidays. I guess you could have the “believe” sign up year round, but I wanted to repurpose (the back) of mine. And, my last name is 7 letters too so it works out great!


See – the back of the blocks are plain white, so perfect… right?

I found this book of scrapbook paper on sale at Michaels for $3! It’s Christmas theme, but you can’t even tell, only a few pages reference Christmas… I love the green/blue/red colored pages.


This is seriously so easy. First, turn the blocks over and cut the paper out to fit each block.


Then, decide what you want the blocks to say, and print it out on a computer and cut out each letter.


Use modpodge on each block.


The key is to let it dry completely before adding on the letters.


When you put on the letters use a VERY THIN coat. This will help stop the paper from wrinkling up.

Then all you do is modpodge each letter on the block over the paper & allow time to dry.


The other side of the blocks still has the “Believe” letters, so I’ll just turn them around next Christmas. ((love getting more uses out of something!))  I hope this blog has you digging into your holiday decorations to see what you can find and repurpose!

Making the most out of life,


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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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