DIY wax warmers & how to clean out those old candle containers!

I love to have a great candle burning and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect smell. Lately I’m loving the “Spice” Bath and Body Works candle.  But seriously…. I pay $20 for a candle and the last inch or so of wax won’t light anymore!  


Does this happen to you? It’s like the candle wick doesn’t want to play ball anymore… boo! But look at all that wax that is being wasted!

My sister gave me a candle wax warmer for Christmas. (lightbulb moment here) I’ve got tons of great smelling wax that is just sitting in old candles! I decided to make my own wax melts & then reuse the glass candle holders!

Caution: This may not be the safest way to do this project – but it worked for me and it was perfectly safe for me. So, I’ll just tell you exactly what I did.

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OK, first, take your candle and put it in the microwave. Watch if VERY carefully.


I’m talking 10-15 seconds max. Just enough to soften up the wax.


Once the wax is a little soft, use a knife to dig out the candle wick and the metal candle wick holder. (as you know you can’t put metal in the microwave). As you can see, my candle had 3 wicks with the metal bases to remove.


Once that is out, microwave the rest of the wax until it melts. This takes about 40 seconds.


Now, pour the wax into a silicone shaper. I had this one from a DIY bath scrubber project I tried last year.


After about an hour, the wax will dry.  Now, just pop out each piece of wax.


I had a little helper for this part. 😉 My 4 year old loves helping out on my DIY projects.


The two candles I melted left me with about 15 little cubes of wax to melt.



Now you have the candle glasses leftover.


These are the perfect size to repurpose in just about any room. So, let’s get it clean & shiny! First, peel off the outside stickers.

Now, boil water and pour the water into the glass container.


My hubby happened to be home on this day because of icy weather. He’s never taken interest in what I “blog” about, but he was all wanting to “help” on this one and insisted that HE pour the boiling water into the candle container and HE keep that container over a dust pan for “WHEN” it shatters. (men think they know everything, right??)


So, he poured the water into the containers. Great news – no shattering at all!


Once the water cools off (wait a good 1-2 hours)  – The wax and remnants will float to the top and become hard.


Simply pick out the leftover wax and clean out the container with hot soap and water.


Mine came out pretty clean!

I put a few pieces of Washi tape around my glass jar and put it in my bathroom for a catchall for those random items that seem to get lost.


I seriously LOVE that I am getting use out of the wax & glass container that I would have otherwise thrown out!

I have my candle warmer going now with the spice wax pieces and it smells GREAT!

Let me know if you try this one, and if you find other tricks that work for you.

Making the most out of life,


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