Awesome leather cuffs out of thrift store belts

I have a beautiful leather cuff that I love to wear and I don’t even want to tell you how much I spent on it. Anyway, I always get compliments on it, so I started doing some research on how I could make my own.  I seems simple enough. Turns out it is.  If you can use a hole punch and hammer, you have this project down.

My first stop – the thrift store. I found a ton of BEAUTIFUL belts and I went on half price day. So, they were each $1, yes ONE DOLLAR! I made sure they said genuine leather — oh, and don’t forget the kids section.

Here are a few of the belts I picked up.


The one on the far left is my favorite, I love the detail and design- isn’t it amazing?? I can just picture it on my wrist right now. Also, buying thrift store belts means the leather is already worn, soft and just perfect to display on your arm…

OK, let’s get started.

Items needed:


a leather punch ($8 in the hardware store)

snap setter kit (bought for $4 online and this comes with 20 snaps sets and a setter to help you)


something hard to bang on – (I used a wooden pig cutting board my grandpa made me)




First step, cut the belt to the size of cuff you want. I checked and most of my store bought cuffs are about 8 inches long, so that’s what I did.


Second steppunch holes in the spots where you want to put the snap. For the first hole, I just eyeballed it and used the hole punch on the smallest setting.


For the other side of the cuff, fold the belt over and use a sharpie to mark through the hole to show where you need to put the other side of the snap.


Third step – put on the snaps! Just follow the simple directions using the hammer & setter kit to put each on. Also worth noting, all of the snap sets I looked at had picture directions (see below), so it’s super easy for anyone to follow.


I found getting on the floor works best because you have to hammer pretty hard to get the snap to “lock” into place.

Are you slightly OCD like me?? I worried about how to know if the snap is “set” so I took this picture to show you the difference.


That’s the same snap. Top is before, bottom, after. You can see the top one that is not used is tall and skinny in the middle. When you hammer down with the tool to put the snap into place it smashes own and looks larger and flatter – make sense? ((Hopefully if my words don’t the picture will!))

Now for the best part! Putting it on your arm!


After seeing how easy this really was, I went right to the thrift store and started digging around for more belts. (remember, I vowed to only spend $1 or $2 per belt)

Check out some of the bracelets I have made so far –


These make great gifts! I recently bought a leather burner and hope to practice writing names on some of them.

Making the most out of life,


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