Thrift store tray revamped :: DIY Lego Tray

I have a love/hate relationship with legos. Sorta like Play doh. Is anyone else with me?? It keeps my 4 year old occupied for an hour plus when she plays with it, so I love it. But I am forever picking up tiny legos or on my knees scraping dried up play doh out of the rug.

I wanted to make a tray for Claire to use with her legos. So, when she wanted to come “show me” what she was working on the pieces wouldn’t scatter. Really, this project is very simple I debated even blogging about it… but sometimes seeing a project step by step inspires you to do something similar! So here ya go!


I found a small wooden tray at the thrift store on half price day – so I paid a whopping 50 cents for it!


I actually grabbed this a few months ago thinking it would be good for something one day. That day is here!


I ordered a lego sheet from amazon for $4. I have seen these same lego sheets at Target for $6. (FYI)

I let Claire pick out the color she wanted out of my spray paint stash.


Of course, she picked pink. 🙂 hot pink.

So, first step, spray paint the tray & give it a good 30 minutes to dry. (remember you don’t need to paint the entire center because you will be covering it with the lego board. I wouldn’t even add that but as I was spray painting I had to stop myself from spraying all of the board.)


Now, time to decorate! Have you ever used these gel sticker stencils?


They are GENIUS I tell ya! You stick them on, paint over it, then peel them off! And you can reuse them over and over!


I carefully put Claire’s name in stickers on the side. Meanwhile, she was BEGGING me to let her paint the stencils. The OCD side of me was thinking “NO! NO!!” but the mom side that wants her to be proud of her own work let her do it.


So, here’s Claire carefully painting each letter with the blue paint she picked out. It is her tray after all.. (I kept telling myself)

I painted a little yellow flower on the side.


Once the paint is dry, peel off the stencils. As Claire pointed out, the flower looks like the one from the movie Tangled. (agreed)

Now for the fun part that really makes you feel crafty! Using a box cutter! If you don’t have a box cutter run to Lowe’s right now and get one. They are like $3 and totally worth every penny. I use them on tons of projects around the house.


So, I put the lego board on a wooden cutting board and carefully pressed down with the box cutter to make the lego board fit the tray. This was way easier than I thought it was going to be.


(Side note: Here’s a picture of what was really going on behind the scenes. Claire is stamping and Daisy is eating and throwing Cheerios on the floor. Awesome, right?!)

Ok, now time to glue on the lego board. I debated on the type of glue to use. My artsy friend (and art professional) suggested Gorilla Glue. I don’t have any of that. So, I used E6000. When in doubt, use this stuff. It is great for just about everything.


Once the board pieces are cut to the right shapes, add the glue and press the lego boards into place.


After getting the lego board into place I put a few books and even some weights on the top to make sure it would dry really pressed down & flat. E6000 dries quickly, so I only gave this about 15 minutes.


OK, you are done! I added paint pen around Claire’s name to make it look a little bit better, but if you paint this yourself and not let a 4 year old do it, it will look just perfect.

Ah, and here’s the moment we were all waiting for.


Claire playing legos on her new tray. She loves it! I already had the spray paint & glue on hand so all together this project cost me $4.50! This would be a great present for a kid, along with some legos maybe? Kid’s love having their name on their stuff!

Making the most out of life,


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