Simple DIY Necklace using nail polish and wooden beads

I’m not a big accessories person. I really wish I was. I see my friends wearing super cute colorful necklaces and matching earrings and it always looks so cute! Side note: I will say lately I have been wearing leather cuffs because I am slightly obsessed after learning how to make them myself. (click here to check out the DIY on how to turn belts into cuffs)

So, on a recent trip to Anthropologie (can I say that?) I came across the cutest collection of necklaces and earrings… circa – 1990’s friendship bracelets?  But seriously – $38 for a necklace that looks like something I made when I was 13? Yes, I wanted it. Yes, I did *think* about buying it. But then my DIY brain kicked in…. I can make something that *sorta* looks like that, right? Well, let’s try!

Simple DIY Necklace (made with items I already have)

items needed:

nail polish

wooden beads ($1 for bag of beads)

embroidery floss (29 cents each)


additional items you can use to help: toothpicks to hold the beads while painting them and a ruler/tape to hold the floss while braiding it.

First, paint the beads with the nail polish.


You could use acrylic paint for this project too – but I just grabbed nail polish because I don’t use this color and thought it would look cute on the wooden beads. As you can see, I used a toothpick to hold the bead up while painting & drying it.

Of course, when someone I know caught wind that I was doing something crafty she begged to help. (this is always very hard for me to do! but, alas, I let her “help” me)


Here we are in our PJ’s painting beads.

OK, painting – done. Now, channel your pre-teen self and get ready to braid the floss!


I used a little tape to hold the floss on the ruler so it was easier to braid. (don’t you remember doing this in grade school?!)

Once the braiding is done, slip on the beads and tie it up and there you go – a cool (practically free) fun bracelet to spice up any outfit!



The possibilities on this are pretty much endless if you are like me and have 30+ bottles of fingernail polish. (and a large stash of colorful floss!) Also, this is a fun Saturday night project you can knock out in 15 minutes or less. (I did!)

Making the most out of life,


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