Washi tape sign – endless possibilities!

I have had a slight obsession with washi tape. So far… I’ve collected about 20 rolls (don’t judge me) and I’m always looking for something to put tape on!  I’m a huge fan of Whimseybox craft blog and when they posted a DIY washi tape sign project I just had to make it my own!

Items needed:


paint (optional you could do it on a plain board)

washi tape

exacto knife

wax paper

mod podge (I used glue & seal)

printer & scissors to make sign words

First, decide what you want your sign to say. Print out the saying in big font and cut it out to the size of your board. Since you are using an exacto knife to cut out the font, I’ve found it’s easier to pick letters that have mostly straight lines. I found this board in our garage. I painted my board using white, yellow and grey… then realized it would look better mostly white, so I ended up adding more white than you see in this picture.


Next, get a piece of wax paper and start laying down washi tape! There is no right way to do this, so have fun!

Once you have all the washi tape down, put the printed words over the layers of washi tape and secure it down with tape. Then, use an exacto knife to carefully cut out each letter. (you are basically making stickers)

Once you have all the letters traced/cut out place them on your board and cover with a nice layer of mod podge. I actually used glue and seal — which works the same. You can use matte or gloss. I used gloss. I was initially going to peel the wax paper back off of the stickers and adhere it that way, but after placing them down I found it was just as easy to just cover with glue & seal and be done with it!

Here is the final product (I placed over the top of my craft area)


This project is awesome because you can make it into just about anything you would like using any size board and any type of washi tape. Come on, you know you want to make one!

Making the most out of life,


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