Twine wrapped vase out of upcycled glass jar

I think I’ve mentioned before… I love to save glass jars and containers. I actually only use a certain brand of spaghetti sauce because it comes in a cool glass that I use to drink water out of. I almost have an entire set of drinking glasses!


See – cute, right? It even has the ounce marker on the outside, so I know how much water I’m getting in a day.

Last Saturday my mom, sister and me had an amazing birthday brunch and shopping day!


(aren’t we adorable?!) We have literally been planning this (no kids) shopping day for years and for one reason or another it never happens. This year – finally it did! We had a relaxing brunch, a ton of shopping and we even got in an argument over something silly, just like old times.

So, while shopping at Marshalls/Home Goods, we literally loaded up an entire shopping cart full of stuff between the three of us. I spotted a super cute twine wrapped vase with flowers and immediately thought – this is something I can make!


So, I didn’t buy it.. instead snapped a picture…

Here’s what you need for this DIY Twine Wrapped Vase project –


glass vase/jar/whatever, twine, glue and flowers! This glass container was from a jar of olives. It’s tall and narrow, which was the look I’m going for.

I used “tacky glue” because I was too lazy to get out the hot glue gun. (I actually ended up getting it out later anyway – lesson learned)

First, put glue on the glass about one inch at a time and smooth the glue out.


Gently twist on the twine, pressing down as you go.


You can go as far up as you would like with the twine.. for this “vase” I ended up going a little more than halfway up.


The tacky glue did seem like it would hold the twine on, but just in case I decided to use hot glue on the top and bottom of the twine wrap. (You probably don’t need to use hot glue. I think it would work either way.)


I also used dabbed a little clear fingernail polish on the ends of the twine to keep it from unraveling.


Now it’s flower time. I grabbed these at Michaels a few weeks ago for $1 each. (regular $3). I cut the stems to make them fit into the glass vase.


Since I had the hot glue gun out, I decided to put hot glue on the bottoms of the stems and then place them inside the glass container to make sure it stayed in place.


What do you think? I already had the twine and it was $3 for the entire roll. Considering the twine I used and the flowers, this vase cost me about $3.25! Much cheaper than the $15 Marshalls one! And, I managed to knock this out in about 15 minutes while the girls were watching Tangled & coloring. (score!)

DIY Twine wrapped vase word pic

I’ve also seen projects where people wrap wine bottles or other glass containers in twine. Pretty cool idea…. and since I have a ton of it, I’m already thinking of another project I can do. (so get ready!)

Making the most out of life,


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