5 minute DIY for boring plastic hooks!

I’ve been in a major spring clean mode around my house. Right now I’m organizing the laundry (“mud”) room area. I wanted to share a super simple idea I had and maybe it will spark a bigger or better idea with you.

I’m sure you have seen these plain, white command hooks at the store, right?


Cool thing about the “command” hooks – you can easily remove them and it won’t damage the paint. Also, it says right on the package how much weight the hook can hold. Super cool, right? But… they are U-G-L-Y.  Yes, they sell metal ones, but they will cost you $7+ The white ones were TWO BUCKS. So, yeah… I got the $2 ones and we are going to DIY the heck out of them – are you ready?!

You can bet how this is going to go. Yep, we are starting with SPRAY PAINT! If you know me, you know I have a massive spray paint collection. (love!) But, the one I have used over and over again on small projects around the house is this Stainless Steel paint.


Seriously, if you want to start a spray paint collection, buy this first. It’s a little more pricey than other spray paints (like $7 a bottle) but it will last forever and comes in handy when you want to give something boring some major bling!

(check out this post when I used the same spray paint to turn a thrift store cork board into an awesome inspiration board)

OK, so, I spray painted the white plastic hooks.



Here’s how they turned out:


Now, stencil time. Remember these sticky (reusable) stencils I used on my lego tray project? These stencils are also a great tool to have in your craft closet. I used a “C” stencil for Claire and a “D” stencil for Daisy.


Just press them into place and apply a few layers of acrylic paint.


Once dried – I put the hooks in my “mud” room. (My husband thinks it’s so dumb that I call the laundry room the mud room – hence my “quote” marks around it. whatever. you know what I mean)



So, there you go. Spray paint once again saves the day!

Making the most out of life,


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