DIY vintage Postcard display (thanks Grandma!)

I’ve been debating for years (literally) on how to display my great-grandmother’s postcard collection. I have a box of post cards, magazines, travel maps, etc that were passed on to me.


They’ve been in a box for years, but what good is that?!

Here were my requirements for repurposing these postcards:

I want to keep them looking good. I don’t want to damage them. I want to be able to look at both sides of them. I want them to be on display in a cool way.

I searched pinterest (and the internet) and found a few ideas – none that would work for me. One suggestion was to get a huge matte made and frame the postcards. But, then you can’t look on the back. You can modpodge or glue them on a huge canvas. Yes, that would look cool, but that would damage them.

Here’s what I came up with:

display for vintage post cards

First, I bought a pack of postcard holders, and put all of the postcards in the little plastic sleeves.


Next, I arranged them on a cork board frame I scored from Michaels.


Usually I would just DIY a cool cork board frame like this, but with a coupon and sale I only paid $8  – good deal if you ask me!


I used these cool push pins to put the postcards on the cork board. ($2 from Target) I pined the tops of the plastic holder on each card, so I could flip up the postcards and look at the back if I wanted. (see below)


(also, these are only a few of the dozens of post cards I have. I figured I can switch them out if I want)  Some of these postcards are awesome. I mean check this one out:


“I love my wife. But Oh you kid” What, was this like a postcard to a mistress??


This one is also a cute one sent to one of my relatives while he was in the military. (cute, right?)


And I just love looking at the notes written, the postmarks and old stamps..The one above was from 1914. 100 YEARS AGO!


Also in the box of goodies is this old magazine from 1944 with awesome vintage ads on just about every page!


I’m thinking about what I can do with this beauty. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Making the most out of life,






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