DIY Lip balm using leftover from sample lipstick

It’s Saturday and I’m organizing my craft stuff. I came across ingredients for DIY Lip balm. Fun, right?! I decided to do some experimenting to add color to my batch. I think you’ll love this!

lipbalm picture

I decided to add the leftover lipstick to a basic lip balm recipe and the results are beautiful!!

Basic Homemade lip balm Recipe

3 parts castor oil (I could be wrong, but I also think you could use coconut oil)

1 part beeswax

essential oil of your choice – I used peppermint

leftover lipstick for color (if you want. you could just have clear)

I also added a few drops of Vitamin E oil

Directions: Make your own double boiling pot. TIP: USE a disposable glass container for this. I have lots of glass containers so this is easy for me. It is A HUGE PAIN to clean out wax from jars – so just make your life easy and use a container you can toss.

OK, so put the container in the boiling water and add in beeswax. Stir it around with a wooden spoon until it’s melted.


Add in lipstick and melt it.

Add in the castor oil and essential oils. This all happened so fast I could not take pictures. I added about 4 drops of vitamin E and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil so it would have a strong flavor. (Then I spilled the rest of the peppermint oil on the counter so I now have the strongest smell in my kitchen. argh)

Now quickly pour the melted lip gloss into the containers and allow it to dry. Seriously, this dries SO FAST. So have everything set out and ready to go!


I think the leftovers from my clinique chubby stick really make this lipgloss sparkle. I love it!


I ordered a box of screw top containers from Oriental trading a few years ago (for some good reason I’m sure). They were super cheap. Like $4 for 20 of them I think.

Here is a look at the gloss once it dried:


I have a feeling I’m going to get addicted to making my own lip balm. It was so easy and fun! From start to finish this only took me about 15 minutes!

And yes.. if you are wondering – I’m totally that type of person that has a project to do and gets easily sidetracked. Hence, my start to organize turning into making up a batch of lipgloss (and blogging about it). Next I’ll go clean out my closet and end up reading an old magazine or looking through pictures!


Making the most out of life,






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