If my 4 year old had an Instagram account (on the farm)

We just got back from a relaxing weekend at “the farm” AKA – Gigi & Pawpaw’s house. My mom lets my girls do just about anything they want. They had pop tarts for dinner, potted plants using kitchen spoons and stayed up way. too. late.


So, after showing Daisy how to build mud pies using her new shoes as shovels….


Gigi taught Claire how to use her digital camera. Brave, right?

Mom sent over a zip file of all of the pictures Claire took. I have to say, it’s pretty cute seeing the world through the eyes of a 4 year old. So, if Claire had an instagram account, here are some of the pictures you might see. (The funny thing is, I can just hear her talking when I see these pictures.)


Oh, there’s Rascal… well, his butt. She apparently thought this was hilarious.


Snacks. Because we all take pictures of our food.


She is obsessed with bugs. See that lady bug on the broom??


There’s Pawpaw busy working.


Oh, wait. How do I use this thing again?


Here we go. Turn it around, that’s right.


Aw, a pretty flower! (20 bucks says she picked that right after taking the picture)


She saw this crawdad hole and told Gigi she was taking this picture for her dad because he loved crawfish.


Inside a bucket. (why not?)


An old tire. This one is pretty good, right?


A duck egg in a semi-nest. Or maybe it’s a goose egg, I’m not sure. Either way, Claire loved the feathers used in the nest.


Look what Pawpaw caught! He’s not happy!


There’s a duck nesting behind that board leaned up against the wall.


My mom has lawn ornaments everywhere. Claire loves this one.


Oh, there’s me! Claire: “Mom! I can use Gigi’s camera.. see! Watch! I’ll take your picture!!”

I have to say, I love that my mom teaches my girls new things and is always making life fun when we are together.  I may frame some of these pictures to put in Claire’s room. She is really proud of them. (I see a fun DIY picture post in our future!)

Making the most out of life,






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