DIY for VBS or a fun Spy Party for kids!

Growing up in the south, Vacation Bible School was a summer tradition. I remember riding my bike to church, memorizing scripture, saluting the American flag and saving up my change for the missions offering.

This year, I helped out with the VBS at our church. The theme – “Agency 3d – Discover, Decide, Defend.” You might not know, but churches around the country often use the same VBS themes…. so I wanted to post a few pictures of what we did to help out other people who are planning their own VBS for later this summer. Also, if you wanted to throw a fun “spy” or secret agent party for your kids you could use some of these ideas too!

So, here is our VBS door (which one for the 2nd grade door decorating contest!)


The red yarn you see is “secret spy lasers” that we also had in the room (pic below too). We had a red flashing light and handprints on the wall.

The door has a “hand print” access for boys and girls to press on before entering.


The hand print access was actually just hair gel and glitter. When the kids pressed their hands on the gel it made handprints. They loved it.


Once inside the room, we set up a photo booth area and took the kids pictures. You can include fun spy disguises like sunglasses, hats, scarfs or masks.


One of the crafts was decorating a frame and later putting the picture inside. We found these frames which included the magnets at Hobby Lobby for $5 for a pack of 10. (I think)


These “evidence” collection boxes were part of the decoration but also a place where the kids put their “evidence” of Jesus that they learned during the week.

Here is some more red yarn up around the room that the kids had to climb through.


Around the classroom we used glass jars and filled them with “evidence.” Some of it was just random stuff we found around the house and some was prizes we handed out for different reasons during the week.



For smaller craft ideas, we used key tags from the office supply store for “agent dog tags.”


The kids put their finger prints on the tags and their names & decorations.

We also made a “ransom note” board for the kids to take home and hang on their door.



We told the kids that Secret agents don’t use their own handwriting, they sometimes cut letters out of a newspaper or magazine and glue the message together. I found a pack of various alphabet stickers from Micahels ($1) and the wooden planks are from Oriental trading. A set of 10 planks was $5 and was meant to make a DIY banner, but they worked great for individual pieces of wood for the kids since the holes were already cut.

In my daughter Claire’s class (4-5 year olds) They did a few super cute projects. You can’t go wrong with DIY spy binoculars!



And, anything with fingerprints or handprints is so cute.



Here are a few of the other cool looking doors that might give you inspiration for VBS or a SPY party!

IMG_2646 IMG_2645 IMG_2647


I hope these ideas help out! Sure, you can buy the pre made VBS crafts from the store, but mixing in your own simple projects can save $$ and sometimes be more fun!

Making the most out of life,




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  1. This is great! Than you so much for sharing! Are your ABC posters done in your own handwriting? They are so neat and clean!

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