Vintage pillowcases = PRECIOUS dresses!

In my usual thrift store stop, I came across an amazing stash of vintage pillowcases. I bought ten of them thinking they will make great projects. (one day when I finally learn how to sew – why haven’t I done that yet?!)

Here is one of the pillowcases…



isn’t the pattern beautiful? They are all perfectly worn and soft, too.

So, my mom (AKA Gigi) had a few great ideas of turning the pillowcases into dresses for my 4 and almost 2 year old. She took pictures so I could post them on here for you guys to see!

You may have seen traditional “pillowcase” dresses.

All you do for these is cut out arm holes from the top of the pillowcase.


My mom used the material to reinforce the arm holes. Then, you fold over the top, sew it and string a piece of ribbon through it to hold the dress together and make for a precious fashion statement.


My mom also added a ribbon trim.
Here is another one she did for my 2 year old.


OK, now for the “tank” pillowcase dress, and my favorite.

Cut a tank top, and cut the pillowcase to however long you want the dress.


Then, sew it together.


Seriously. It’s that easy. My girls have worn these matching dresses a few times and EVERY SINGLE TIME I get compliments. SO CUTE!


Have you scored any awesome thrift store finds recently? Let me know!

Making the most out of life,



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