Always have your favorite photo on display!

How many cute pictures do you have either stored only in your phone or printed out and stuffed in a drawer somewhere? If you are like me… just when I think I’ve taken the cutest picture ever of my girls… I take another one that is even cuter! And, then they get lost in my phone.

I wanted to share my idea of how to cycle out your favorite pictures of the moment, for everyone to see. This is so easy.


I found this 3 photo frame holder at Marshalls. I cut out scrap book paper for the smaller frames. For the 4×6 opening, I put my favorite photo of my girls right now. I used a dry erase marker to write the date on the front of the glass of the frame.. and there you go! I’m hoping to switch out the picture every few months.

But when’s the last time you’ve even printed out your photos?? Here’s something we love – Groovebook. Have you heard of it?


Each month, I get my favorite pictures printed out in a cute 4×6 book for only $2.99, and that includes shipping! ((I’m not getting paid to plug them, I just use it and love it.))


The books come with cute covers each month and they look really nice stacked up. You can tear out pictures from the book and put them in your frame. (And the pages in the book also have the time and date the picture was taken printed on it. Smart, right?)

Making the most out of life,



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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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