28 ways to show your husband love!

Hey – Ladies.

Yes, you.

Does your significant other know you think they are awesome? really? I mean, you were probably good at showing them in the beginning of marriage. Then, life got really busy. Kids, work, his family, your family, dinner, cleaning, pets… you get the point. Sometimes really taking the time to show someone else they are loved gets pushed to the side. I’m on a mission to be more mindful to show my husband how awesome I really think he is! ((I mean, seriously… I hit the jackpot with this guy.))

Have you heard of “The 5 love Languages” book? Basically, it’s the idea of “love languages” – the way people feel most loved. This includes: words of Affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. You figure out which one your husband (or friend or whoever) has, and you give that to them. Here’s a good summary from Focus on the Family if you want to read more. ((For example, one of my husband’s love languages is physical touch and snuggling is not in my nature, so when I take the time to cuddle or hug it means a lot to him.))

Discovering the love languages is great and I do believe it works, but I wanted to know what real life people are doing on a daily basis to show their husbands love. So, I went to the experts. My friends. I need ideas people!! I have LOVED hearing about what other people do, and who knows.. maybe it will help you too?


1. I leave him notes in random places (bathroom drawer, console of his truck, bill drawer, golf bag, etc.). Sometimes I put a shared joke we have or just an endearment.

2. Put his car in the garage when it’s raining, after I pull out (we only have a one car garage)

3. I don’t gripe when he plays golf….all the dang time… Ok, sometimes I gripe. But when I’m trying to show him I love him, I don’t.

4. Taking his clothes in to be dry cleaned and sending random text messages throughout the day telling him that you miss him.

5. Iron his clothes when he is running late.Taking the kids away for an afternoon to give him time to himself.

6. I notice when he contributes to let him know I appreciate him.

7. Remind him that I’m proud of him and blessed to have someone that takes care of us like he does.

8. Feed him. And thank him often for all the work he does, seen and unseen.

9. Let him play video games.

10. I always buy him something extra when I go to the grocery store. Maybe a candy bar, a “fancy” beer, guacamole… something not on my list but something I know he likes & will show him I was thinking about him. He loves it.

11. He loves it when I make his favorite foods and make sure his work clothes are fresh and clean.

12. I am not spontaneous at all, but sometimes I have to put my own desires aside and spend the day going where he is going. I tend to want to stay home whenever possible. Going on a day trip with my husband usually puts me behind but he likes when we spend time together just us.

13. Food and beer.

14. I spend time with him and tell him I love him. There are lots of things we enjoy doing together.

15. I mow the lawn and take out the trash & recycling!

16. Small helps are very loving to my husband. Fill his car with gas, tidy up his closet, having the house picked up, pick up his cleaning!

17. Letting him have first pick on “refrigerator clean out” night. Knowing we’ve both been laser focused on those eggrolls from takeout night. That’s some serious love right there.

18. I schedule outside commitments (church, gym, bunko, shopping) in daytime so that our evening is open.
In the cooler months I have a fire going and music he likes.

19. I clean the house, wash the vehicles, mow, weed eat, and blow the lawn, cook him his favorite meals almost every night, pay the bills on time, take care of our 2 yrchild , put up with his family, put aside my wants and wishes to fulfill his (like spending $2k on some damn tires) oh and how can I forget the most important thing…after doing all of this every day, every week in and working a 40 hr work week I give him SEX!!!! And I wouldn’t trade it for nothing!!

20. I pack my husband’s lunch every day. I always include a note with cheesy jokes or random interesting facts I find online. That always makes for good dinner discussion later, too!

21. Watch sports, especially football with him (and act like I like it)!

22. I speak highly of him to our children and tell them stories about their daddy when he was younger (so they ask him about them later). He loves that. I place intimacy and his physical needs way up on my list of priorities.

23. Giving him the down time he needs either after work or on weekends with no kid duties or to do list.

24. by speaking words of adoration, complimenting his physical & other attributes and thanking him specifically for things he does for me and our family (in private and praising in public!). I love that man! oh, and make sure there is always a pitcher of ice tea in the fridge for my southern man!

25. I get into the sports he likes to watch. I try to cook snacks or dishes he likes. I thank him for what he does for our family, big or small. I really listen to his advice. He is usually right.

26. I keep my husband’s favorite foods in stock and wash his uniforms. We have really busy schedules so a lot of times I’ll email him funny pics / ecards off pinterest to let him know I’m thinking about him.

27. I thank him for what he does for our family, big or small. I really listen to his advice. He is usually right.

28. And, my mom who has been married nearly 30 years gets her own “list”… her response: 1. Pray for him and “praise him to perfection”. 2. NEVER ridicule him. 3. Do what he wants to do AND make it fun when I’d rather not; 4. Do his laundry; 5. Smile and say, “It’s no big deal, really! We’ll fix it!” when he messes up and it costs money; 6. Really, really treat him the way I’d want him to treat me if I _______ (fill in the blank).


Wow, what a list, right? What did you think? Have anything to add?

Making the most out of life,






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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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  1. This is a fantastic post. I loved reading the replies. Scheduling a night out without the kids is always a big hit with my man. Especially if I take the initiative to plan what we’re going to do – dinner at this restaurant and then the 8 o’clock showing of whatever movie. He likes to sit back and not make any decisions every now and then 🙂

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