DIY hair pins using alphabet pasta

We are in spring break around here which basically means we waste time doing pointless DIY projects. Hooray!!

I can’t remember where I saw hair clips with little words – either pinterest or Anthropologie. Either way, I decided to DIY something just as cute for practically free. This is seriously easy and SERIOUSLY cute. I even had my 5 year old help me sort out the letters.

hair pins

Here’s what you need:


alphabet pasta from the grocery store (I paid 50 cents for a small bag)

E6000 glue

bobby pins

spray paint

optional: tweezers

Directions: Carefully glue each letter on the flat side of the bobby pin. I ended up putting the bobby pins on paper and using tweezers to put them into place.


Once the pasta is arranged the way you would like allow about 5 minutes to dry. Keep in mind, it’s practically impossibly to get the letters perfect. Trust me, I tried.


Once dried, spray paint the pins! Let them dry for about 15 minutes for good measure.


So, what do you think?

Making the most out of life,


5 minute DIY kids and crafts

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