Let’s bring back the fanny pack. I need it.

Back in the 90’s, I rocked crimped hair, NKOTB buttons and a neon pink fanny pack. Those were the days. I mean, I always felt super cute and never had to worry about adult things – like, for example, the purse. I’ve recently wondered – why did we stop wearing fanny packs? (besides the obvious ugly factor) I mean, you could carry just about anything and have it available right at your fingertips. It’s brilliant really. When did the fanny pack go away?

Fast forward 20 years.  I now have 2 kids and in our community there are tons of parks and walking trails. I’m constantly stuffing my pockets (and bra) with things I need to carry around on the fly. I started thinking… I need a fanny pack. But they don’t really sell them. (Maybe that should tell me something?)

My fanny pack search started quite innocently enough.  I sorta eased my way into it. I’m a runner and have a Nathan hydration belt. Yep, it’s about as dorky as it sounds….but it’s amazing! I can carry a few water bottles, my cell phone and a few snacks. But I can’t really wear it when I’m not running. I needed a more every day type of pack.

I went to Dillard’s thinking maybe Michael Kors or Coach made a fat wallet type of belt thing I could buy. Nope. Actually, the sales lady told me they “probably sell that sort of thing at Walmart.”  (Really lady? thanks.)

Tried thrift stores. No luck there either.

Luckily, with the internet, you can find just about anything you are looking for. So, after a quick search and ebay score, I am the proud and happy owner of a fanny pack that I will wear with pride. I’ll hold my head high and be prepared for anything. I’m like the boy scout of moms.

fanny pack

Here are a few reasons why you should embrace the fanny pack with me.

1. It’s just not practical to carry a real purse to a muddy park. You are chasing around kids and need to have your hands free. (plus, have you been around kids? You set anything down the automatically think it belongs to them. Let the snooping begin)

2. Peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your purse/wallet/keys/phone that you’ve had to set down because you are busy with your kids.

3. How many times have you stuffed your phone into your bra? Crammed it down into your pants? Ok. Enough said.

4. Kid Emergency Kit. Need a tissue? Bandaid? wet wipe? Plenty or room in the pack for that.

5. Snacks. (kids are always hungry, like always) Crackers? Fruit roll up? Yep, I’ve got snacks covered.

6. And… it’s not so bad. Did you see mine? I mean, it’s cute. Cute enough for me anyway.

Sure, my friends giggle at my attempts to make my fanny pack cool. But, didn’t your mom teach you not to care so much about what other people think? Mine did. Maybe in a way I’m teaching them a lesson? (ok, maybe that’s a long shot?)

Making the most out of life,


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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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