Journey Off the Map – VBS or summer party ideas

On a whim, I shared a blog post last summer of our church’s Vacation Bible School. It was “Agency 3d” theme and I thought some of the decorations would be cool for a “spy” type of birthday party or maybe even give ideas to another church that might be using the same theme. Since then, I have been surprised to see hundreds of people reading this post. Not only that, this summer, people are emailing me from Seattle, and even Virginia, telling me they are using some of the ideas we used. WOW!

So, this year, I snapped a few pictures of our Vacation Bible School — hoping to give other people ideas. Our theme was “Journey off the Map.” The outdoor type of theme made for fun decorations and of course, bible study. ((Even if you are not into bible study, you could use these crafty ideas for a fun summer party or birthday celebration!))

This outside hallway had a waterfall and decorations hanging from the ceiling.



Here is another picture of how the hallway wrapped around.



I liked the waterfall recreation here! There were stepping stones the kids used to enter the room. Fun!




This corner fire place was cool!



One room used hanging green paper to make it look like a tree.



Here is another waterfall. This one was going into the music room. The teacher would stand by the entryway and use a spray bottle with water and spray the kids. THEY LOVED IT.



This entryway was a tree with a cut out the kids had to climb through to get into the room. These teachers are apparently super rockstar.



Here’s a jeep looking tree thing for the entry way of one room.



Here is a cool campfire the kids sat around during mission time. It looked super simple to make, so I snapped a picture.



Oh, the waterfall gardens area! I loved this one! The cross on the right was a nice touch.



Easy decoration and the kids loved it.



I hope these pictures help you if you are also planning a similar VBS! Let me know how it goes!

Making the most out of life,


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