Turn Child Art into Your Art

My kids love to paint with watercolors. I love it because it cleans up easily and they just love art! I was looking on ETSY for a “Family Rules” art work for the house, and it occurred to me that I can just use the art my own kids are creating! It was so simple, I want to share this with you. YOU CAN DO THIS. I promise.


First. Let your kid use watercolors or watercolor markers or just markers. You get the point. For those OCD mom’s out there, it’s OK. I swear, it cleans up very easily.


Ok. Now, you have the art work.


You are looking at it and thinking.. “I don’t want that hanging up in my house.” That’s OK. Put the picture down in a well lit area and use your camera to take a picture of it.


Angle the camera low and take a picture of only certain parts of the art work. This is just a portion of the painting.

Now that you have your painting in “picture” form… go to PICMONKEY (or another photo editing site) and upload the picture under the “edit” section. From here you can add tints, add fonts, do whatever! And, it’s FREE! Once you are finished you just “save” it to your computer as a JPEG. You can print it out and frame it from there.

Check out what I did:

family rules

Sure, it’s not perfect….. but it’s OURS.

Making the Most out of life,


DIY Wall art

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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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