Hair Fight. I won.

My just turned 3 year old refuses to let me touch her hair. Like, seriously…. I can’t brush it, comb it or fix it. My method of operation is to put tons of conditioner in her hair in the bath, quickly run my fingers through it and let it dry. It is what it is, they say. So… she’s a cute little stinker, but….THE HAIR.

Daisy’s hair is pretty scraggly and uneven and it’s always in her eyes. I decided getting a short bob was the way to go for her. This way, I wouldn’t really need to comb it. My mom was a hairdresser back in the day, and she cuts my 6 year old’s hair, so she was going to try to cut Daisy’s hair. Well, if Daisy wouldn’t let me get near her with a brush she sure as heck wouldn’t let my mom get near her with scissors. She screamed, she yelled, she freaked out and basically won. No hair cut.

{note: I try to pull it back into a ponytail or braid. nothing. Not even a clip to keep the bangs out of her eyes. We’ve tried everything}

Ok, so a few days later, I’m still thinking about this hair issue. We are driving past one of those walk in hair cut places and I see a sign that says “Women’s cuts $9 today only.” The place was packed. A light bulb went off.

I quickly pulled into the parking lot. After unloaded the kids we walked inside the store. It was loud, crowded and hectic. Blowdryers were going, ladies had foil on their heads, people were sitting around waiting. I walked up to the receptionist and asked for a little girls hair cut. It only took about 10 seconds for Daisy to figure out we were there for HER to get a haircut. Can you guess what happened next?

It was not pretty. She clung to me with all of her might, begging me not to put her in one of those “scary, big, chairs”…

The receptionist was saying, “They have to be a willing participant, can’t be crying…” with this terrified look on her face, like she did not want my kid to get a hair cut there. I’m giving her the look, like.. don’t worry, we are not getting a hair cut today.

I said, “Daisy. If you don’t let me get your hair cut, you have to let me brush it and fix it. It’s always in your face. Do you understand?!”

“OK!! I WILL!!” she begged.

“Ok,” I said.

We left.

Next day, guess what happened? Daisy let me brush her hair, comb it into a pretty ponytail and add a clip on the side.

It’s been a few days and she still lets me do it. Everywhere we go, people comment that something is different about Daisy or she looks older. I tell them, it’s just the hair. You can actually SEE her face! I hope our little stop by the hair salon didn’t traumatize my little Daisy too much, but for now I’m enjoying the happy hair mornings and no fights!

Oh, and for the record… I totally won this one. {even though you might think I’m a mean mom.}

Making the most out of life,



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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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  1. I had the same issue with our son (mainly bc two different stylists clipped both ears…so totally traumatized). We happened to go to a our local barber one day and he was trying to sell his daughters’ gerbils. So my son held a gerbil the whole time and never once cried. He was cool with cuts after that, as long as no one shaves his ears. So there ya’ go, bring a gerbil or some other small fury creature along with you next time. lol

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