Swimsuits and Santa

Here in Houston it’s just now getting cold enough to bust out the puffy vests and put on the flannel sheets. It was something like 82 degrees on Christmas Day and it was hella humid. You never know what you are going to get in the south. Even so, I believe some things have a time and place.

Case in point: As I was browsing my neighborhood Target a few weeks ago I noticed something terrifying really… SWIMSUITS. Racks and racks of swimsuits and I was not in the clearance section in the back. Not only are swimsuits on display, they are front and center right beside the parkas and oversized sweaters. Am I missing something here?


My family loves to shop the after Christmas sales, loading up on half price decorations and candy in the days after Christmas. But this year, we noticed retailers marking down holiday items way before the holiday. Walgreens (a favorite discount candy stop) had completely moved over the Christmas candy and put out Valentine’s hearts and other goodies the week BEFORE Christmas. Target did the same thing. They put out Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day decor out before Christmas too!

What is the rush? Why??

Sure, it’s about the money. I get that I guess. I mean, Hobby Lobby infamously put out Christmas stuff in June last year. But, Hobby Lobby is a popular stop for crafters who need to prepare ahead of time, so that was my rationalization on that. But, it’s the holidays! I’m enjoying turkey dressing, sugar cookies and too much wine. I don’t want to think about putting on a two piece swim suit!

We are rushing away our lives, really. I mean, on Mondays people are often already counting down until Friday. Then, it’s another weekend. Another month, another year, time flies doesn’t it? It’s the same thing with retailers. Now, we are thinking about Valentine’s Day in February, St. Patrick’s Day in March.. and we are not even into 2016 yet!

For me, this is a reminder to slow down. Maybe this is my goal for 2016. Enjoy the here and now, right now. I’m going to savor the mundane Mondays, chat with friends for no reason at all, celebrate the popcorn and movie nights with my family… and today, I’ll enjoy that extra wiggle room my sweater and scarf allows.

Making the most out of life,



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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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