Grandma’s Pins on Display

I’ve got a sick kid and we are stuck in the house for the day. You know what this means! Laundry, laundry, laundry and projects I’ve been wanting to do. This time I arranged my Grandma’s beautiful pins in a shadowbox for display.

I’ve written before about taking heirlooms out of the boxes and putting them to good use. (Click here to read that post) Why keep something stored away in a box when you can enjoy and look at it everyday? It’s just a simple way to keep the memory of someone you love alive in your home.

I found these pins in a collection from my Grandma Bonice, my stepdad’s mom. She has a special place in my heart. When I joined the family back when I was about 4 years old, she took extra special care to make sure I felt included. Trust me, back then this was not something everyone did. Grandma Bonice always made me feel like I was just like all the other kids. It was the little things like calling for no reason at all, making me a beautiful quilt, or arranging girls nights and dress-up parties. So, it’s nice to have a few little reminders around the house that make me smile, thinking of her sweet spirit.



Grandma Bonice loved gardening and canning things she grew. This arrangement of her pins reminds me of her love of the outdoors and all things fresh! They’ve been put away for years, now I’m proud to have them on the shelf.

Making the most out of life,



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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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