Behind the Camera: Ashes to Diamonds

Do you have a loved one buried at a cemetery? When is the last time you went to visit the grave? Did you just get a tinge of guilt when I asked that? What about that urn of ashes you may have up on the mantel? Or, is it in the closet? What we do with the remains of our loved ones once they are gone often brings feelings of guilt, obligation and maybe even hard feelings. There are other options and one includes turning the ashes into an actual diamond.

During the latest freelance gig I did at the NBC affiliate in Houston, Texas I pitched a segment on Algordanza Diamonds. I met the Marketing and Sales Director through swim team and the idea of looking more into this business intrigued me. They take human ashes and turn them into actual diamonds. (The diamonds come out with a blue hue to them because of the boron in the human body – cool, right?)  I’ll be the first to admit, the idea was a little creepy at first. Then, I started interviewing people who had their loved ones remains turned into ashes. While trying to narrow down someone to interview, I talked with one woman who wanted to honor her mother by having a diamond made and wearing it on a ring. Another couple had lost a son and they wanted to have a diamond made as a way to remember him in a positive way.

After all, the diamond is known as the symbol of love.

That’s when my idea about this changed. I heard people light up when talking about their beloved family member. Talking about the diamond gave them an opportunity to talk about their loved one. Often, when someone dies people shy away from mentioning the person because they don’t want to make it awkward or make someone else upset. This way, it’s a constant conversation starter.

Christina Martoia is the US Spokesperson for Algordanza and she also had her dad’s remains turned into a diamond. She keeps it in a small box on her nightstand so she can see it every day. Our conversation about the diamond turned into a conversation about her dad, then about him being a grandpa to her sons and then about the legacy he has left for her family. By the end of our conversation she was literally beaming. She was so proud to talk about the impact her dad had on her life and the influence she hopes he still has on her two young boys. And she is making it her mission to give that opportunity to other people.


Click here to see the KPRC story I produced featuring the Ashes to Diamonds company.

Oh, and while interviewing for this story If found out there’s another company that puts human ashes into fireworks – and the family has a big show using them. Now that’s a way to go out with a bang.



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