TV producing and Motherhood

In the past, when I would think back on my career so far, I would always feel a bit of guilt. The high demand and long hours took a lot of time away from my family and friends and it often made me tired, irritable and probably a-type annoying. Recently, my thoughts have changed slighting on this. I’m now a little more grateful.

This week, I wrote an article for Houston Moms Blog talking about how my career as a TV producer made me a better mom. A few weeks ago, another mom on the team wrote, How I Became a Cake Boss, sharing about how she started up her bakery business. We all loved getting an inside look into her life and career. Then, we decided that a few others of us would share about our own careers. So, that’s what got me started…

This was seriously the first time I ever sat down and typed out some of the most positive things I learned from my career and how it related to motherhood. My career helped me prepare for the most stressful moments of having a baby, it helped me balance priorities on little or no sleep, it helped me calm down when I wanted to freak out over all of the things that could go wrong. All this time I thought my career just took away from my family… turns out, it actually did help a bit.

You can read more on these thoughts in my post on Houston Moms Blog – right here.

While my career has been challenging and rewarding and oh, so much fun… it’s not what defines me. But, it’s helped shape who I am. It’s given me confidence to step out and do other hard things… such as being a mom (and wife). This means more to me than any award ever will.


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I’m a wife, mom, runner and freelance TV producer/writer. I love making the most out of this life and hope you will follow along!

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