About this blog

I have been writing since I knew how to read. My dad tells stories about me writing books, scripts for plays and even a radio show when I was a kid. (ARNL Radio for life! Yes, I had a real call name and everything.)  I guess all the practice paid off. After a successful career in the TV news business, I now freelance write for magazines, websites, companies and other media outlets.

But sometimes a girl just wants to have fun!

This blog is my little slice of the internet where I share my life with you. You’ll read about my family, DIY projects, recipes, workouts, my frustrations, celebrations and everything in between. Glad you are here!

Making the most out of life,



  1. Stella Greer

    The blog looks great A! So very proud of you!! Love you

  2. Love the blog’s new look!

  3. Tonya

    Hi Andrea! This is fantastic! You have inspired me! 🙂

    1. hi! Glad you found me! I saw the blog you are starting and I think it looks great!

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