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5 Tips for Running in the Heat

I don’t have to tell you Summer in Texas is HOT. Running in the heat makes it even hotter. Unless you befriend the dreaded treadmill, you can’t really avoid running in the heat. Over the years, I have embraced running when it’s hot outside. So far, my method has worked and I recently stumbled upon…

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We Shall Snuggle

I’m not super affectionate and I am especially not a “snuggle” person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cold ice queen or anything, I just don’t love to sit around and cuddle. But after my husband snapped a picture of my daughter and I snuggling one cold winter day, I may be changing my ways……

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Lies I tell my kids

We teach our kids about being good people. No stealing, no saying “potty” words, no pushing, hitting or lying. So as parents we’ve stopped a lot of our own bad behavior to set a good example, right? Maybe you don’t drop the f-bomb or cuss quite as much. But.. what about lying? I got to thinking…

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